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Industries Served

While we’re sheet metal fabricators at our core, our offerings, process, approach, and range of capabilities have evolved greatly over the years to accommodate expanding and changing markets.

As a result, our end products are used in multiple industries around the globe.

Office & Mail

Office and mail equipment products and components were amongst the first products made by IntelliMetal. Our years of experience have resulted in an efficient manufacturing process that doesn’t sacrifice durability and quality.


Medical equipment and instrumentation requires stringent quality, tight tolerance, cleanliness, precision in measurement, and more. IntelliMetal’s expertise, equipment, and employees are ready for the challenge.

Homeland Security

Products for homeland security are taken very seriously at IntelliMetal. There’s no cutting corners when it comes to durability, using the latest technology, and holding ourselves to the highest quality standards.


Communications and electronic equipment works best when it’s made using the most advanced technology and skilled labor. IntelliMetal’s continuous investments in our facility, procedures, and employees, provides you with industry-leading products at the lowest cost possible.


From the manufacture of A/C units to access covers for rail cars, IntelliMetal has you covered when it comes to the transportation industry. And our project and supply chain management will keep everything seamlessly moving along from start to finish.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is continually challenged to meet health and safety concerns while maintaining efficiency and cost. These requirements are priorities IntelliMetal carries out everyday for all projects, no matter what services are rendered.

Renewable Energy

Knowing the effects of dwindling our precious resources, renewable energy has become more important than ever. Finding creative solutions and efficient use of resources and power is a field IntelliMetal is well acquainted with. Bring us your manufacturing challenge.

Aerospace Technology

IntelliMetal’s current part portfolio is proof of our expertise in aerospace technology. Whether you’re looking to prototype or manufacture, our value-added services and in-depth understanding of the industry will take your project to the next level.

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