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IntelliMetal’s extensive capabilities keep your project in house and under one roof which helps provides complete control of the project and offers our customers increased quality of product alongside decreased costs and lead times.

Sheet Metal

Lasers, turrets, combos and automation for lights out production


MIG, TIG, Robots, Spot Welding. Various AWS certificates.

CNC Machining

Multiple vertical and horizontal mills with automation and full swiss turning department.

Powder Coating

Iron phosphate pre-treatment, ability to mask, plug and cap even the most complex parts, 3 batch booths for powder coat primers and top coats and 3 ovens for curing in-house.


Our highly skilled engineers have extensive experience and gained insight across a broad range of industries allowing us to realize your vision.


We support minor assembly work  to major mechanical and electromechanical assemblies

Prototyping to Production

Intellimetal works in partnership with you throughout the prototype process. We hold ourselves to a high standard of quality with design for manufacturability always in the forefront.  Because lead times are critical, we do it all with quick turnarounds.

Supply Chain

As part of our full service product management we will source your entire bill of materials, reducing your costs and freeing up your resources

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