Rapid Prototyping

At IntelliMetal, we are known for our ability to consistently produce high-quality prototypes with short lead-times. Many of our customers ask us for “Design For Manufacturability” assistance during the prototype phase. Our CAD systems and Laser Cutting equipment allows us to quickly react to our customers needs for Quick Turn Prototypes.

Laser Cutting

IntelliMetal is home to two state-of-the-art Mitsubishi Lasers. The first laser is 3600 Watts with a 60″ by 120″ shuttle table, capable of cutting 1″ thick Mild Steel. The second laser is also 3600 Watts, and has a 48″ by 96″ table, capable of cutting 3/4″ Mild Steel.

CNC Punching

Our three CNC Turett Punch Presses are respsonsible for the bulk of our punching at IntelliMetal:

  • 58 Amada Vipros King
  • 357 Amada Vipros Queen
  • 357 Nishinbo

CNC Forming

At IntelliMetal, we have a large selection of Press Brakes (up to 150-ton) with CNC controls, which allow easy setup and superior accuracy.


We have a very large and complete welding capability at IntelliMetal, which includes TIG and MIG welding, Brazing, and Soldering.