ATM/Kiosk Industry

IntelliMetal has worked on ATM Cabinets with partial assembly for several years. We have also provided components for use in Display Kiosks for malls and department stores.

Mass Transit

IntelliMetal has built several products for the Mass Transit industry, from Bus Shelters in Rochester, NY to Locomotive Inverter Frames used all over the world.

Medical Equipment

Below are some examples of the very complex weldments made by IntelliMetal that require Powder Coating and some assembly. To the right are the finished products.

Postal Sorting Equipment

The US Postal Service has large contracts for sorting systems with prime contractors, some of which are customers to us for support framework. Below are some examples of components to these very large sorting systems.

Storage, Computing &
Business Machines

At IntelliMetal, we can create high-quality business machine and storage components, such as computer cabinets, server chassis, and printer housings.