Powder Coating

Over 90% of all IntelliMetal products require Powder Coating, which creates a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. Prior to the application of the Powder, all of the parts must be cleaned and Phosphated to protect against corrosion . We do all of our Powder Coating in-house so that we can ensure and maintain the quality that customers have come to expect from IntelliMetal products.

Wet Spray

Our Wet Spray Booths and Batch Ovens allow us to accommodate both Water-Based and Solvent-Based paints.


Many of our products at IntelliMetal require certain areas to be masked to allow for grounding or secondary finishing to be performed on them.

Silk Screening

At IntelliMetal, we can perform our Silk Screening in-house, which gives us fine control over the quality of our products and allows us to meet the high standards that we set for ourselves.

Integration, Assembly and Test

For many years, IntelliMetal has provided Contract Manufacturing services to a wide array of industries. Clients in the Computer, Copier, Business Machine, and ATM Industries have come to rely on our products and services. The large assembly area at our Finishing Plant allows us to meet these customers’ needs and expectations.